Some Equinology® Australia - New Zealand Pty. Ltd. courses require you to have unique material and equipment. Upon enrolment you will receive a course info pack from us which will clearly outlines any special items you need to bring along. However, there are some general items we recommend all students bring to our classes whether beginner or advanced.


Bring your favourite equine anatomy or health care books along. It is a horse course after all! 



We always recommend looking up the weather forecast for your precise course location before travelling. However we have found that when working with horses layered clothing works really well allowing you to add and remove layers as needed with the varying levels of activity during class.


 Must have clothing items:

  1. Sun & bug protection: sun hat, collared shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellant. 

  2. Sturdy boots suitable for working around horses.

  3. Rain gear: we have covered horse facilities, so class continue when it rains. We recommend wet weather boots, rain jacket and hat for these times.  

  4. Extras: Our classrooms are always fitted with air-conditioning and appropriate heating however, some students like to bring a small blanket to throw over their legs in the morning if they tend to get cold or a pair of cosy 'classroom shoes'.

If studying at our base in Wollombi, NSW:the climate can vary at all times of year. From November to March weather can still be cool during the morning and evening with substantially warmer temps during daylight hours. From April to September the weather can get brisk so we recommend a pair of fingerless gloves, beanie and warm socks.

If staying with Wollombi Stays, the houses all include bed linen and towels. Some also have a pool (i.e. bring your swimmers!)

Classroom Supplies:             

Notepad, pens, pencils, coloured pencils, clipboard with a rubber band to secure loose paper


While most people have pretty fancy phones these days that can take photos, record audio & take notes, we welcome students to bring additional devices including audio recorders, cameras and iPads for recording information in class. We do not allow video recording in any of our classes. It's our only 'no'.

Still have questions?

We would love to answer them.

Simply send our Chief Happiness Officer an email on info@equinologyanz.com

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