All of our courses include morning and afternoon tea as part of your course fees.

No Milk Arrowroots and instant coffee with long life life milk for Equinology ANZ PTY LTD students!

You deserve nourishing, delicious refreshments that keep your brain fuelled and your body energised. And that is precisely what we serve.


Think Italian plunger coffee, a decent selection of teas, refreshing lemon drink, plenty of fresh fruit, nut bars, a little something sweet and some treats. We are very happy to cater to your dietary requirements. 

Our classroom has delicious rain water & plenty of ice for keeping your drinks cool.    


If you are anything like us, there is nothing better than being able to turn up and immerse yourself in your course without worrying about your meals. No fussing around trying to coordinate group meals with other students or opting for a boring microwave meal.  

That's why all of our accommodation packages include meals for classes held at our base in Australia, allowing students to simply turn up and focus on learning. We offer students incredible breakfast, lunch & dinner packages at reasonable rates. And boy can we cook! Don't be that student sitting there with food FOMO.

Fresh Berries & Fruit
Chocolate Cake
Homemade Lemonade
Fresh Salad
Delicious Pasta