Anatomy of Equine Body Work -The Equinology® Approach

To truly enhance your relationship with horses you need a lot more than a big heart. You need knowledge. Because alongside knowledge comes the next level of care - the one where you make decisions that are closer to the ones horses would make for themselves. Suddenly you can provide…
More comfort. 
More happiness. 
More ease. 
More freedom of movement.
Better health. 
The problem isn’t in ‘finding’ information these days, rather finding information you can trust, use and easily learn from. Its a rare combination. And yet here it is.
Anatomy of Equine Body Work -The Equinology® Approach
Created by equine anatomist, artist, teacher and Master Equine Body Worker Debranne Pattillo. Debranne crafted this resource in collaboration with leading veterinarians, anatomists and equine health care specialists from around the world. Whats within represents decades of sifting and sorting. Thousands of hours of pulling apart, putting back together, watching, feeling, refining and practicing. A symphony of sharp minds dedicated to understanding the horse and having you join them. 
Anatomy of Equine Body Work -The Equinology® Approach is wisdom handed from one eager student and teacher to another. 
Anatomy of Equine Body Work -The Equinology® Approach is a masterpiece for equine lovers to treasure and sit with. It is a resource to be considered. A title you will remember receiving. Remember learning from when you place your hands upon your horse. That you will crack the spine of and emerge hours later with a notepad full of understanding. One you won’t see in second hand book shops or circulating eBay. It’s special. 
Allow in level of understanding that may have previously seemed out of reach.   
Welcome to Anatomy of Equine Body Work -The Equinology® Approach, by Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW.

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