In addition to our broad curriculum of face-to-face courses dedicated to complementary health care sciences, we offer a range of online courses. You do not need to be an Equinology Equine Body Worker graduate to participate in these courses. All courses are appropriate for first-time attendees. You can enrol in these classes directly from the Equinology Inc website or simply follow the links below.

** Please note: All Online Courses are in US Dollars (US$).


​If you want to learn equine anatomy, take the EQ50 Equine Distance Study Anatomy course. Lay down the bones and learn those layers of muscles as well as veterinary anatomy! If you are serious about continuing onto learn bodywork as a professional, you have to learn this if you want to play with the big kids. This is only a starting point and covers more anatomy in it than most onsite courses.


Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW


​Whether you are a professional in the equine horse care industry, trainer or owner, it’s a good idea to know basic first aid.This course which is already a valuable asset is currently being reworked to include more information on bandaging and the legalities of providing first aid care.



​The ability to move freely and comfortably is one of the horse's greatest joys, and is essential for them to successfully perform their jobs. Disorders of the muscular and nervous systems are both under and over diagnosed. This is particularly true with respect to whatever the “disease du jour” may be. This course will take you through some very basic structure and function of the muscular and nervous systems, as well as diagnostic tests and their interpretation. Finally, specific disease states will be discussed. Actual case histories will be used to illustrate many points.


Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon 


Dr. Kellon is a serious researcher who dedicates herself to the ongoing exploration of equine health care. While hands-on courses dealing with the application and supervision of onsite instructors are not candidates for online courses, we feel that certain subject matters such as those courses like Dr. Kellon's does extremely well in the online or distance study format. This will enable the student to afford the luxury of study at home in a well organized design.


Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon 

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