Riding instructors
Saddle fitters & farriers
Enthusiasts & Beginners
Anyone considering entering the industry
Introductory Stretching Regime
Soft tissue release techniques
Detailed course manual
Morning & Afternoon Tea
21 + hrs of class time
Highly qualified instructors
Discount voucher for 9 Day Course
Tuition: $695 AUD / $795 NZD

Students get so much from this 3 day course, that offers plenty of hands-on practical experience, specimens, multimedia illustrations & video clips. While it is billed as an Introduction Equine Massage & Bodywork course you will find that it offers more information than many basic massage workshops currently available. Correct body mechanics & safe bodywork techniques are also strongly emphasised throughout this course - a skill that cannot be learnt online.

Course Outline

​All of the following topics are included in this class:

  • Locating the surface anatomy

  • Muscles addressed during the session

  • Common areas of stress 

  • Encouraging communication and interaction in sessions

  • Differentiating between normal and pain responses

  • Massage and body work techniques

  • Stretching

  • Correct and effective body mechanics

  • Improving your eye for gait & conformation assessment

Why this course is perfect for so many individuals: 

  • Horse owners & riders will benefit not only by learning the techniques, but how to utilise bodywork as a regular assessment of their horse's condition.

  • Anyone considering working professionally in the field of equine body work will get an in-depth overview as to what is really involved in working in this field. Although the course is not required to participate in our Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification courses, it will prove a beneficial head start to if you continue onto the certification course.

  • Instructors & trainers will find that these techniques will help horses in their care, especially as these horses advance in their training.

  • Saddle fitters, trimmers & farriers will be able to release some of the restrictions that alter the horse's posture, prior to fitting a different saddle, trimming or shoeing. 


 Students must be comfortable handling horses and picking up the limbs.

What you receive:  

  • A head to tail body work routine that combines our unique blend of equine sports massage, soft tissue release and stretching.  

  • Course manual to support all of the techniques learnt in class.

  • Personalised support from our approved Equinology Instructors

  • $100 voucher which entitles you to $100 off the price of the Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification course (valid for 1 year)

  • Morning & afternoon tea each day.  

Important Info:  

  • ​Class starts promptly at 8:30 am each day & concludes at 4:00 pm.

  • Please plan to arrive at 8:15 am on Day 1 to allow for registration. 

  • We take 30 minutes for lunch. We provide lunch packages for those interested - simply tick this box on your enrolment. If you plan to bring your own lunch, there is a fridge, microwave & kitchen facilities for you.

This course is not for you if:  

You are looking for a certification course. The EQ75 will not give you a qualification to practice professionally. Instead consider:

EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker certification

EQ1100 Equine Myofascial Release 


Students often partner this course with:

EQ50: Online Equine Anatomy Course Distance Study - although not required for this particular course, it is a prerequisite for many of our other courses. It offers an in-depth foundation for students in equine anatomy.  


EQ900 Equine Discovery Anatomy - a whole lot of fun!! Over 7 days students build a horse from the inside out using clay (no artistic skill required). If you are interested in going deeper with your equine anatomy then we highly recommend this program. 


​$1,495 AUD

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