Australia: $2,999 AUD + GST
Equine Body Workers
Massage Therapists
Saddle fitters
Trimmers & farriers
Equine health care professionals
Build an anatomical clay horse
Study on anatomical Equiken® models 
Painting anatomy on a live horse
Palpation sessions
Detailed course manual
Supportive class environment
Morning & Afternoon Tea
50 + hrs of class time
Highly qualified instructor
A whole lot of fun

We have a blast in this class. It's really closer to an art class but artistic skills are not necessary! Using bones, models, visuals, books, hand-outs, reference material and live horses, Debranne Pattillo leads students on an anatomical  journey of the horse, from the inside out.


Students work in pairs, building the muscles on the Equiken® models at a comfortable pace, researching each muscle as the building progresses. Students become very familiar with various published books, publications and internet resources during the course, thus enabling them to research anatomy better.


This is not like those anatomy classes you've attended with a dry lecturer reciting from a book. Debranne’s wit and style make this a fun course. She uses various approaches that leave you with the increased knowledge to continue on in your own studies. Past students rave about this course and return year after year. So much information is shared amongst the participants, loads of questions are explored, light bulbs are constantly going on and huge smiles of comprehension continue throughout the duration of the workshop.

Course Outline

​​All of the following topics are included in this class:

  • Vocabulary: Anatomy vocabulary, directional terms, veterinary terms

  • Skeletal structure: ​Form and function, skeletal organisation, thoracic and pelvic appendicular system, axial skeletal system, bony landmark and surface anatomy identification

  • Muscle structure: 

    • Function and form 

    • Intrinsic and extrinsic muscles

    • Relationship to orientation

    • Deep, middle and superficial major muscles

    • Reciprocal apparatus

    • Passive stay apparatus of the hind & fore limb

    • Injuries and issues relating to muscles

  • Course Practicals:

    • Building individual clay muscles using the Equiken® model

    • Painting the middle layer muscles on the horse

    • Painting the bony landmarks on the horse

    • Muscle labeling session

    • Palpation sessions for bony landmarks & muscles

    • Locating and isolating muscles

    • Daily self assessments 

    • Guided Externship after you leave class

This course is perfect for: 

  • Equine body workers & massage therapists:  the difference between an average equine bodyworker and a great one is accuracy. This course fills that gap & more.  

  • Anyone considering working professionally in the field of equine body work. Although the course is not required to participate in our Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification courses, it provides a beneficial head start to if you continue onto the certification course.

  • Instructors & trainers analytical skills are honed after understanding the structure of the horse. This knowledge improves your riding and teaching skills.

  • Saddle fitters, trimmers & farriers 


Students must review the veterinary vocabulary and terms, skeletal anatomy, and bony landmarks in the EQ50 Equine Anatomy online course. If you feel you are already well versed in vocabulary and the musculoskeletal system please contact the office to waive this prerequisite.

Important Info:  

Students are required to attend all six days of class in the classroom and are expected to spend the off day reviewing material for at least 8 hours.

​Class starts promptly at 8:00 am each day & concludes at 5:00 pm (arrive at 7:45 am on Day 1 for registration) 

We take 30 minutes for lunch. 

This course is not for you if:  

You are looking for certification - the EQ900 will not give you a qualification to practice professionally. Instead consider:



​ Australia: $2,999 AUD + GST ($500 deposit)

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