Tuition: $495 AUD + GST
Equine Bodyworkers
Massage Therapists
Saddle fitters
Trimmers & farriers
Equine health care professionals
Open to all levels: beginner to professional
Full stretching routine
Range of motion exercises
Suppling exercises
Palpation, assessment & mobilisation skills
Evidence-based theory
Supportive class environment
Morning & Afternoon Tea
14 + hrs of class time
Internationally renowned instructor
Dr Nicole Rombach

This is more than a stretching course & is open to all! Join the incredible Dr. Nicole Rombach, APM, MEEBW, CCBW, MSc., PhD for this fun, hands-on course over 2 days. Not only will you learn the full stretching routine specifically targeting muscle groups, you will cover function and dysfunction of neuromotor control (evidence-based) which is key to understanding your work. You will explore the principles of movement retraining (evidence-based) as well as palpation, assessment and mobilisation.   Get the facts and guidelines from an instructor who understands the science and the mechanics of this approach.


Equinology® feels that stretching and range of motion exercises should be a part of every trainer, owner and equine health care specialist’s repertoire. It is important that these exercises are done properly to avoid risk of injury not only to the person applying the technique but also to the horse. Applying stretches should be done in a progressive manner to ensure confidence and security for the horse. Dr. Rombach will include distinct guidelines as to when, why and how stretching should be utilised in your program and care. Be aware that there are current published articles and some books that offer examples that are not safe or correct for either horse or practitioner.

Course Outline

​​All of the following topics are included in this class:

  • The function and dysfunction of neuro motor control (evidence-based)

  • The principles of movement retraining (evidence-based)

  • The mechanics of stretching; essential limb placement and handling

  • Palpation, assessment and mobilisation criteria and practical

  • The full stretching routine

  • Manual stretching exercises

  • Range of motion exercises

  • Suppling exercises

  • Proper body mechanics  

This course is perfect for: 

  • Equine body workers & massage therapists:  wanting to expand their repertoire and bring more to their sessions.

  • Riders & owners: who want to learn how to safely and effectively incorporate stretches in to their regime.

  • Instructors & trainers analytical skills are honed after understanding the structure of the horse. This knowledge improves your riding and teaching skills.

  • Saddle fitters, trimmers & farriers 


This class is suitable for those just beginning their studies as well as professionals. However, horse handling skills and a thorough understanding of equine safety is a must!

Important Info:  

​Class starts promptly at 8:30 am each day & concludes at 5:00 pm.

Please plan to arrive at 8:15 am on Day 1 to allow for registration. 

We take 30 minutes for lunch. We provide accommodation and lunch packages for those interested. If you plan to travel in each day and bring your own lunch there is a fridge, microwave & kitchen facilities for you.

There is no required reading for this class, however the following titles are suggested for class:

  • Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy by Krainer and McCracken or

  • Illustrated Atlas of Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders by Reigal and Hakola

  • Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse by Denoix and Pailloux

  • The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion by Pilliner, Elmhurst and Davies 

This course is not for you if:  

You are looking for a certification course. The EQ400 will not give you a qualification to practice professionally. Instead consider:



​$495 AUD + GST (Deposit $250)

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