Students of EQ100, EQ102 or EQ100 who need a 'brush up' before submitting their externship.
To review the full EEBW session techniques
Review 80+ point locations
Review muscle locations
Contraindication review
Stretches & relaxation exercises
Subjective gait analysis review
Supportive class environment
Morning & Afternoon Tea
115 + hrs of learning 
Personalised support from Debranne Pattillo

We have added this three day Equinology® Equine Body Worker Review Course to allow the Equinology® student to just concentrate on a review. Often students are requesting a brush up and feedback on their skills so this will enable a great opportunity to do just that.


Students planning to submit their externship for the Equine Body Worker Certification Course will find this extremely beneficial to get the advice and that extra push they may need to get the paperwork in. A complete label session is done in this class and is eligible to be used for your Equine Body Worker certification submission

 Course Outline

​​All of the following topics are included in this class:

  • Review the full session and techniques

  • Review the deep, middle and superficial muscle location

  • Review and palpation of the 80+ point locations

  • Contraindications review

  • Bony landmark/surface anatomy identification review

  • Stretches and relaxation exercises for the massage session review

  • Subjective gait analysis review

This course is perfect for:  

Anyone who has completed the class component of the EQ100 Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification Program and would like a 'brush up' of their skills before submitting their externship.

Important Info:  

​Class starts promptly at 8:00 am each day & concludes at 4:30 pm. Please plan to arrive at 7:45 am on Day 1 to allow for registration. We take 30 minutes for lunch. Students have 3 hrs of independent self study on the first two evenings. 

We provide accommodation & meal packages for those who interested - simply tick this box on your enrolment. If you plan to bring your own lunch, there is a fridge, microwave & kitchen facilities for you.

Required Reading: Review of the EEBW certification course manual. 

This course is not for you if:  

You have not yet completed the classroom component of the EQ100. Instead consider:

Equinology ANZ EQ106 Equine Body Worker Review