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Join Dr Nicole Rombach & Debranne Pattillo over 5 days & learn advanced bodywork moves including introduction to spinal mobiisation & clinical reasoning. Pre-requisites apply. 

Learn a full stretching routine which specifically targets muscle groups. Practical, fun and open to all levels. Instructed by Dr Nicole Rombach.

If you are serious about working professionally, then this 9 day course is the course for you. Our signature EEBW certification is uncomparable to anything else on the market. 

16-24 OCT (NSW)

Explore MFR and fascia in more depth. The advanced course which follows on from MFR Level 1. Suitable to take back to back. 

17-19 NOV (NSW)
7-11 APRIL (NSW)
27-29 OCT (NSW)

This 3 day 'brush up your skills' course is perfect for anyone needing the extra nudge to complete their EEBW EQ100 externship! 

10-14 NOV (NSW)

One of our most popular classes. Learn from internationally renowned instructor, Ruth Mitchell-Golladay over 5 days the art of Equine Myofascial Release.

12-13 APRIL (NSW)